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We put so much time and effort into our films, and it's so worth it for our amazing clients. But don't take our word for it, just ask them! Check below to read some of the many testimonials and reviews from our clients!

I am absolutely in love with my wedding video, and the level of service Jonathan provided throughout the whole process. He is very responsive and really is a master at his craft (you can tell that videography is his passion!). It was pretty incredible to see the video, as I hardly even noticed him and Lawrence over the course of the day – but they did not miss a single detail or important moment!! I think this was the best investment we made because there is nothing like having the option to see all the things at your wedding that you missed and seeing yourself dance with your husband, father, etc. It is just an incredible to have the opportunity to “relive” your day. Jonathan is the best and worth every penny! I will be recommending him to all of my friends! I can’t rave about him enough!
Cassie & Scott
I absolutely love the wedding video that Central Coast Videography made for us! Jonathan and his team did an excellent job capturing our day, from getting ready to the final dances of the night. The video is very high quality and I know we will treasure it for many years to come! The movie (long) version of our wedding is so well done, too. It was such a nice surprise that he also used the songs for our ceremony during the right parts of the film of our ceremony! Another thing to note is how well Jonathan blended into the background; there were many scenes he captured that I didn’t even realize he was there, including up-close shots from the ceremony.

I am so glad I chose to have a videographer tp document our wedding day and couldn’t have asked for a better production than what Jonathan made for us! Friends and family have likewise told us what a fantastic video it is. Thank you CCV for doing such a spectacular job!!

Cayla & Hans
What an amazing experience. We originally weren’t going to have a videographer but once I saw my friends video I knew we needed to hire jonathon. So professional, and we barely even noticed that he was there. I can’t say enough good things. My new husband and I were so pleased.
Haley & Cory
Central Coast Videography did an AMAZING job. Not only were they extremely professional, but they were flexible and easy to work with. During my wedding, I barely noticed they were there and when I saw the video, they had captured even more than I could have imagined. Plus, I had a hard time coming up with some songs for my video and they were able to recommend some that tied in perfectly. I would definitely recommend them 10x over to anyone who is looking for a professional, creative team to work with.
Christine & Stuart
My wife and I used Central Coast Videography for our wedding in June. We, and everyone who has seen our wedding video, has been extremely impressed with the video quality and professionalism. JC and his crew adapted to all of our requests and were extremely prompt in responding to requests. During the event, it was obvious they had a lot of experience filming weddings, as they were always behind the scenes, but at the same time were somehow able to capture every key moment in the wedding ceremony and reception. I would highly recommend JC and Central Coast Videography to film any special occasion.
Dana & Eric
Very easy to work with, laid back. Product delivered in a timely manner, in a surprisingly cute engraved wooden case. Easy to reach and never felt like cameras were in my face on the day of the wedding but they didn’t miss a thing!
Janelle & Travis
Jonathan and his crew were amazing! Superior quality, professional and exceptional to work with, they were so good you didn’t even notice that they were there! Jonathan’s talent captured the most important day in our lives and moments that I wouldn’t have been able to view time and again! Don’t think twice about booking Jonathan you will be thrilled you had your special day captured by him!
Samantha & Ryan
Absolutely the best money I spent on my wedding! Jonathan captured every amazing detail of our big day, and I treasure being able to look back and watch moments that I was too caught up to appreciate at the time! From the superior quality of the video to the beautiful presentation and packaging, you will not find a better videographer! Our wedding video is a priceless gift that we will cherish forever, thanks to CCV!
Sue & Cory
To begin, I must be completely honest and disclose that I work in television and entertainment. That said, I was extremely picky about who would shoot our wedding. My wife left this in my hands and I evaluated countless profiles and videos until we came upon Central Coast Videography.

Our’s is a unique story and we knew that not just any crew with a camera would do. We wanted a product as true to ourselves, our aesthetics, and quirkiness as possible. The Central Coast Videography team not only beautifully covered our event but told our story as well. They took the time to get to know us and, I feel, they did a great job of representing us as individuals and capturing the visible energy and happiness of our wedding.

If you want a team that understands there is so much more to a wedding video than pretty photography, I’d pick the guys that see the true purpose behind the arrangements, the flowers, and traditions. Your wedding will become a story you tell many times over, may as well work with people who are great storytellers themselves.

Kat & Carlos
Jonathan and Lawrence were wonderful. I could barely tell they were there for 8 hours. They are practically invisible but quite respectful and great at capturing the moments. They endured the rain on our day but didn’t complain once or show any sign that it was a nuisance to them. So grateful for their work. They were so sweet to say words of gratitude and a good bye before they left!
Kaitlyn & Brock
This was by far the best purchase of our whole wedding experience. Jonathan of Central Coast Videography captured the essence of our wedding and that is what any couple/family wants after the day flies by after months (or years) of planning. His presence was mysterious. We barely noticed Jonathan and his partner filming our day. And yet, he captured so many precious moments. I was able to share the video preview with my friends and family on facebook and the reaction was overwhelming. I had so many compliments about our film Jonathan created. We also did some live music and just to have that raw footage to refer back to is priceless.

Not only was Jonathan’s work amazing, he was so professional to work with. He was responsive and easy to communicate with. He even upgraded our product after we referred our friends to him! He truly is a great guy to work with and possess an amazing eye for detail and quality. Again… by far the best investment as we get to relive the feelings, images and experiences.

Lacey & Jack
My husband initially tried to talk me out of hiring a videographer for our wedding. In his mind, since we were going to have photographers that was enough to capture the day and he didn’t know why I wanted to add another expense to the day. Now that the wedding is over and we have our video, he (and I) couldn’t be more happy that we decided to do it!

Jonathan and Central Coast Videography exceeded my expectations beyond what I thought was possible. It was the best decision I made to hire them! Now my husband and I have an amazing video to watch whenever we want to relive our wedding day. They were able to capture such amazing moments while somehow managing to stay out of sight in the background throughout the day. I was amazed how quickly they were able to get our video edited and even sent us a link to view the preview online. I sent the link to all of our guests and everyone was so amazed with how beautiful the video turned out and was so happy to share the special moments that were captured that they may not have seen otherwise.

I couldn’t be happier with the service, professionalism, value, and responsiveness we received! If we ever renew our vows we will definitely be hiring Central Coast Videography again.

Thank you so much!!

Taylor & Matt
We are eternally grateful to JCV Productions for their incredible work. The video produced from our wedding day, from beginning to end, was artfully done and exceeded our expectations!!! It is simply breathtaking. I cannot recommend them enough. WELL WORTH the price and even better than having still photos. (You can make still photos from the individual video frames.) Probably the best investment we made for our wedding (along with the designer/stylist KWDS). Thank you Central Coast Videography!
A & J
My husband and I were extremly pleased with our expierence with Central Coast Videography. The crew was very professional and captured all of our special moments. We loved our video and all of its components. I would (and have) recommend them for any special event that you want captured on video.
Samantha & Mike
The perfect addition to making forever memories of a wonderful day!
Meghan & Dave
Jonathan did such an amazing job documenting our wedding. It’s been almost 6 months and we still pop in the video every so often, just because it’s SO much fun to watch. He somehow managed to translate a small backyard wedding into the party/venue of the year, with some amazing camera work and an awesome soundtrack. It was like watching a fantastic movie montage… Starring us! 🙂 I wish I had him around to film all of the great moments in our lives. Thank you for making sure that the best moments of our wedding will always be just a DVD away
Erin & Alex
When I initially evaluated my wedding funds and started to think through the “must haves” and the “nice to haves,” I originally set videography at a “nice to have” status. I guess I thought that having a photographer would cover the basics. Then I saw Jonathan’s work….

He has an incredible online gallery and I saw how he captures the sweet expressions of a bride looking at herself dress up, or how the bride and groom interact throughout the happiest day in their lives etc. He was able to immortalize moments and interactions photographers can’t quite get.

I hired him for my wedding, he was professional, on time, he shot subtly – not jumping into every scene in a “loud” way, he worked behind the scenes, but when I saw the final results, I was blown away. He captured my wedding day the way I remembered it.

My advice for brides is to invest in this talented videographer, because his work is incredibly personal, polished and he turned around everything faster than my photographer, which blew my mind!

Paden & Micheal
I cannot speak more highly of Central Coast Videography! They are the best team of videographers – professional, nice, and amazing at their job. My husband was hesitant on having a videographer for our wedding and now, he is the biggest supporter! There is something to say about live footage that just doesn’t compare to pictures. They truly captured the essence of our day and for the rest of our lives, we will get to watch the video and relive some of our most special memories. My husband has barely looked at our wedding pics, but he’s watched the video with me over and over again. There is no better way to capture your special day and no better team than Jonathan’s. Thank you for being so professional and giving us such beautiful documentation of our wedding day – I am so grateful!
Jessica & Pat
Jonathan captured every amazing moment of our wedding. My husband and I still watch our video and can’t believe what an amazing job Central Coast Videography did! We were referred to Central Coast Videography by our wedding planner and we are so grateful. Not only did Jonathan get us our amazing video in a very timely manner, it also came in a beautiful carved box with our initials and wedding date. If I could give 10 stars for the work and commitment I would! Thank you!!!! — Jana & Bobby
Jana & Bobby
You have to book Jonathan at Central Coast Videography! We couldn’t imagine a better wedding video. Beyond the exceptional quality of the video – he was professional, fun and absolutely enjoyable to have as part of our big day. He blended right in but was always there to capture the action and important moments. He put a teaser up really quickly after our wedding which was so fun for us and our guests to see to re-live the moments that soon! From song choices to lighting to the style of the video, everything was beautifully shot. One happy bride over here 🙂
Nora & Aaron
We used Central Coast Videography for our June 2014 wedding at The Cliffs Resort in Pismo Beach, CA. Jonathan and his team were AMAZING to work with throughout the entire process. He made us both feel very at ease with the camera and we didn’t even notice his team after a while (which is a great thing when you have a big wedding!). When we received our videos from Jonathan, we were thrilled at the quality of work that he produced, and the variety of videos and stills we received. It’s true that your wedding day goes by in a blink of an eye, but we are SO lucky Jonathan and team were able to capture a ton of amazing and beautiful moments, both big and small, for us to relive and treasure for the rest of our lives. We HIGHLY recommend Central Coast Videography!
Shereen & Jayan
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