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The Hottest Trend

Includes 4 hours of coverage during your reception including setup and cleanup

Perfect For All Events

Your family and friends in Slow Motion are way more fun than you could ever imagine.

Newest Camera Technology

Filmed in up to 1000 frames per second - 40x slow motion

3-5 Minute Edited Video

Complete with music, props, professional lighting, and flat screen display for playback at the wedding.

Replay Your Performance

Watch your replay on an HD monitor right after your performance

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You can add this to a videography package or just have us come with our Video Booth team. You will have a director helping you throw down some sweet moves.

Slow Motion Video Booth

What Is A Slow Motion Video Booth & How Does It Work?
Central Coast Videography offers half day rate packs for your Wedding, Party, or Corporate event. You book us, we show up, we set up, we shoot in slow motion for three hours, and then we send you the edited video usually within a few days. The Slow Motion Video Booth is a great idea for any event you want to make memorable. Seeing your friends and family dance around and act silly in slow motion is way more fun than you would ever imagine. These are one of the hottest new trends in weddings & events for 2015 and beyond. From the minute we set up to the moment we break down, our booths are packed with guests showing us their best dance moves, popping confetti on one another, making silly faces while shooting silly string and laughing the entire time watching the playback after they are done. We provide all of the props you need, from hats & glasses, to confetti poppers & bubbles plus much more!

What does it include?
Includes 3-hour recording time, 1-hour setup and tear down, basic prop package, flat screen monitor for playback and 1-week video turnaround. As videos are created, they will be added to the playlist, allowing everyone at the event to enjoy the slow motion sessions. At weddings we recommend starting the Slow Motion Photo Booth right after dinner and ending the booth at the conclusion of the reception. You can also start during cocktail hour and have it run throughout the evening. We provide a variety of props. We can also take special requests within reason. However, when planning props for your slow motion video booth, be sure to keep in mind the cleanup. Glitter and Confetti are easy to sweep up but we generally want to avoid liquids and anything that might leave a stain.

  • Our packages come with the following:
  • (1) ​Professional Attendant & (1) Cinematographer ​
  • All Props, Lighting, Cameras, Monitors & Backdrops
  • 3-5 Minute Edited Online ​Edited ​Video
  • ​Digital Download Link of Final Video
  • ​RAW ​Footage (client provide harddrive)
  • 1 Week Delivery

What kind of equipment is used?
We use an advanced high-speed camera that shoots up to 1000 frames per second which is 40 times slower than traditional cameras. We also have LED light panels to light the booth because true slow motion video requires professional lighting.

How much does it cost to have this at my wedding or party?

The basic package for events is 4 hours (3 hours plus 1 hour of setup). We also offer additional services, products, and customization to meet your needs including Wedding Videos, commercials and more. For more information on our packages and pricing, please visit our Packages page!

Where do you do events?
We are located in Central California but can travel anywhere! (Travel fees may apply outside of the county)

What do you need to set up at my event?
12 foot x 12 foot area (can be flexible depending on the venue), one standard wall outlet, and two 6 foot tables (skirted to match event). If these cannot be provided, we can bring them.

What if my event is outdoors?
That is no problem at all! We may need to discuss the details on where to set up to account for wind, lighting, power, etc.

How many people can fit in one video?
As many as you can fit and see on our screen! Usually up to ten, but if there is enough space at the venue we can make the booth wider to fit large groups.

How much does it cost?
Our Slow Motion Booth Packages start at $1000